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Chef Paul is BACK!

4-13 Kyle D. smoothies (2)Chef Paul from Deerfield visited to engage students in nutrition lessons and of course delicious healthy food preparation and tasting. The topics always include the use of whole foods in creating simple yet healthy alternatives to the abundance of processed food choices. Spinach, kale, yogurt, berries, mango and honey swirled together into smoothies that delighted each and every student. Chef Paul teaches about vitamins and minerals in the bright array of fruits and vegetables that he brings for students to identify and take home. Next the Chef created quesadillas filled with chicken, three different cheeses, salsa and sour cream. While he cooked he shared stories of opportunities for students who continue to be diligent about their studies. As always Chef Paul allowed UPS students to participate in the cooking process. Thank you, Chef Paul for inspiring us with your stories and culinary skills!

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