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Deborah Holcombe –  Work Team Director
Dave Keith – Asset Manager
Lori McClain Operations Director, Church Relations
Dekontee Rayburn -HR

Rob Ruzanic – Development Coordinator
Larissa Smith – Communications/Finance Manager
Ellen Spangler – Events Manager
Salima Watson – Intern Director

Rob Prestowitz – Executive Director



James Russell – Programming Director
Emily Kennedy – Children’s Programming Director

Josh Gregor  Camp Victory Director
Ashley Shaw – Camp Promise Director
Andrew Harrison – Camp Hope Director
Tim Lewis – Camp Freedom Director
Naomi Rider– Camp Amen Director
Than Peterson – Camp Harmony Director

Aaron Orr – StreetLeader Director
Luke Orr – Sports Ministry Director

Gabe Harvey – StreetLeader Assistant Director
Ryan Martin – Sports Ministry Assistant Director

URBANPROMISE ACADEMY – 8th-12th grades:

Joel Orr – Director

Christina Choe
Lawrence Bain Manley
Ryan Martin
Luke Orr
Vanessa Russell
Tim Straub


URBANPROMISE SCHOOL – Pre-K to 6th grade

Rhonda Raines – Principal
Denise McMillan

Magen Weight – Pre-K
Tonia Koehler – Kindergarten

Shannon Roberson – 3rd Grade
Anna Werley – 4th Grade
Adam Spangler – 5th/6th Grade


Katie Bynum – Classroom Aid




Lyn Myers
Seth Pearson

UrbanPromise International Interns

Alex Hara: Malawi



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