Group Opportunities to Get Involved

As an organization, we focus on building community with our children, StreetLeaders, Interns, Staff, and volunteers.  Below are opportunities for you and your group to grow closer to each other as well as our UrbanPromise family. If you have any questions, would like to know more about something you find, or have an idea how your group would like to connect, email Deborah Holcombe.

Service Days:  On a service day, you and your team receive a short introduction to UrbanPromise and what you’ll be doing, and then break up into groups to tackle you assigned work projects. Days are regularly scheduled on the first Saturday of the month, but other days may be arranged.

Week Long Service Team:  When one day just isn’t enough! This is a great way for out of town or local groups to spend a week truly getting to know UrbanPromise and the people we work with, as well as spend time together away from your normal routine. Click here to find out more what that could look like.

Small Groups:  During both the summer and school year, UrbanPromise has opportunities for your small group, students’/mens’/women’s ministry, family, or a group of friends to get together and help out.  Year around, we have a variety of needs, and your group could fulfill one of them! This could include cooking and bringing in a meal for students or staff, hosting a camp night with a small group of students and a couple of staff, or coming in to read with a class! Click here for a more detailed list.

Special Events:  Through out the year, UrbanPromise has a variety of larger events, like the Annual Banquet in the fall, Thanksgiving Dinner the Monday before Thanksgiving, Silent Auction in the spring, and Speech Contest prep and program January-March.  Groups can come be apart of prep leading up to, day of execution, or part of the planning!

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