Academic Year Internship

Academic year interns walk beside students and families for a longer duration during the school year.


  • Intern class: exploring urban and social justice issues
  • Discipleship and mentoring
  • Bible study, worship and prayer
  • After school program (1st-5th grade and 6th-8th grade)
  • Intentional relationship building with youth and families


  • Trips and activities with youth in the community

Academic Year Dates:

September 8th, 2020-May 22nd, 2021
September 7th, 2021 to May 20th, 2022
*Interns may apply to come in at the start of January

Application fee: $30
(apply by April 1st and the fee will be dropped!)
Fill the application on HERE.
Pay by online here or mail a check

For more information contact:  Salima Watson

Check out our Intern Brochure here.

To fill the application out online visit the Intern Application page.


Q: What is the cost?
A: There is no direct cost to participate in an UrbanPromise internship.  However, interns are asked to identify potential partners to help support them financially and prayerfully.  Interns write letters on a regular basis to keep their supporters informed and involved.

Summer internship development goal: $1,500
Academic Year 1 development goal: $8,000
Academic Year 2 development goal: $10,000

Q: Where will I live?
A: Interns live in UrbanPromise staff housing located in the communities we serve.  Interns share a bedroom with at least one other intern and take part in house meals, house devotions, chores, and other community building experiences.

Q: Can I receive college credit?
A: Yes, many colleges will offer credits for UrbanPormise Internships.  We are more than happy to work with you and your college to meet internship requirements.

Q: What is the schedule like? 
A: Expect a full, structured schedule that has been created for your professional and spiritual growth.  See inside for sample schedule.

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