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Let it Rain…

CR_Rotary_Rain_Barrel-047_webOver the last few months, with the help of our amazing art teachers, the students created a rain barrel for the Caesar Rodney Rotary Club’s rain barrel auction.  The Rotary Club is conducting the rain barrel project as part of its work to raise awareness of water as a natural resource. In addition to raising money to fund clean-water projects overseas with our partnership with University of Delaware’s Engineers without Borders Chapter.  Their hope is to demonstrate how homeowners and businesses can conserve water and save money, while protecting the local streams and rivers and watershed, by capturing water in a rain barrel.

The photos on the barrel include photos of cupped hands holding water, the earth, perhaps a chick, an egg… all things that need water to survive and flourish. The hand prints were done by the children at the Urban Promise school in many different colors.  The photos are of black, white, young and old hands, and taken by the students.

Fun fact, the barrel was won by a couple living in Boston.


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