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What is faith?


Miss. Bethany asked Camp Victory kids boldly, “What is faith?”

Its one of those questions where you never know what you’re going to get, especially with 1st-5th graders.  Typically one answers, and then they each say the same thing with a slight twist.  Not this time…


‘Its what you hope for’

‘What you know it true

‘Something you believe in’

‘if you have faith it doesn’t matter what other
people say because you know what’s true’


…they rattled off answers that surprised her of the complexity and individuality in each one.  God is working through camp staff like Miss. Bethany and Mr. Aaron, as well as their amazing 4 StreetLeaders.   Opportunities come to share about God and faith and they take them!  It makes a difference.  If you are a volunteer coming once a week, a workteam participant who came one time, a donor sitting many miles away reading this, or someone who has said a prayer for one of our kids, you are part of this community.  Camp Victory is a community of different people who sees Faith in action and can put it to words.



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