UrbanPromise is now in our second decade of service in Wilmington.  Youth in our programs are graduating high school and entering college at unprecedented rates.  The retention, attendance, and growth of our programs are strong.  Sharing life in Christ has transformed a large, diverse, and growing corps of volunteers, organizations, businesses, schools, neighbors and families.


1994:  Rob Prestowitz volunteers with UrbanPromise Camden to help their struggling microbusiness

1998:  UrbanPromise opens its first site, Camp Victory, on the East Side of Wilmington

1999:  Staff house is purchased on the East Side; Camp Freedom is added on the North Side

2001:  Camp Promise (West Side) becomes UP’s third program site

2002:  UrbanPromise School is founded and begins with K4 and K5 classes

2005:  UrbanPromise School moves to 2401 Thatcher St.

2006:  Thatcher St. Headquarters purchased

2007:  Work Group initiative begins; Camp Harmony (Middle School) established

2007:  West Side site and staff house and purchased; Camp Hope (Southbridge) launched

2009:  James Whitely becomes the first StreetLeader to graduate from college

2010:  UrbanPromise Academy high school holds first classes; UrbanTrekkers launched

2011:  Sports Ministry Program begins with basketball and ultimate football programs

2012:  Camp Amen becomes the sixth camp and 2nd middle school program (South Bridge)