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We are privileged to share our vision with you.

We see the fantastic kids and youth we serve as tomorrow’s leaders for our city.  These children should have big dreams and the opportunities to achieve them.  We see faith as a foundation for our future.  And we believe, as our vision is fulfilled, all involved are transformed and renewed.

The challenges and roadblocks our urban youth face are familiar to us – poverty, racism, poor education, violence, drugs, families under stress…you know them well.  Less well known are the fulfilling and powerful opportunities for you and me to act in support of urban families and to make a difference for these kids and their future.

Our programs build life-changing relationships.  We believe as you see the need and opportunities will identify ways you can make a difference personally.  Be a part of the promise for these children’s lives as well as your own.  Whether you hammer nails for a day or mentor a child for a lifetime, we invite you to share the joy of making a difference.  Together, let’s dream dreams and change lives.

Rob Prestowitz, Executive Director

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