PowerUP WorkTeams

Each year, church teams, college groups and youth groups from many different cities and states to spend a week working in Wilmington.  UrbanPromise provides specific pathways for people to engage their faith, serve others and experience diversity while learning about urban issues.

Read about their experiences on our blog here.

Components of a work team experience:

  • accomplishing something through physical tasks for UrbanPromise and our partners (construction, cleaning, administration, maintenance, staffing of events).
  • strengthen community within your own group by shared experiences
  • build relationships with children, youth, interns and staff of UrbanPromise through camp time
  • learn about the urban experience by hearing from a StreetLeader panel or other activities
  • seeing God at work in ways you may not see in your day to day lives

One youth director described being here like orange juice concentrate. We always want to drink that really sweet part thats not fully mixed, because its strong and concentrated.  It tastes so much better! Being here is like getting splashed in the face with a full on concentrate of God and His kingdom in action. It feels so good to be here because its so strong, pure and not watered down.

WorkTeams stay with us from Sunday early afternoon-Saturday morning

Spring Break WorkTeam

Summer Workteam

flexible to your dates
(throughout the school year)
June 23rd-August 3rd, 2024
Check out details around the school year team here!   Check out the details around summer here! 
Spring Break Trips $200 per person
($25 deposit per person is requested a month before arrival,
and taken from the above fee)
Summer Trip $300 per person
($25 deposit per person is requested a month before arrival,
and taken from the above fee)

For more information contact: Deborah Holcombe,  PowerUP Work Team Director;
e-mail at deborah@urbanpromise.org

Fill out the application HERE.  A teams trip space is held with the application and the deposit.


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