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A little gratitude to God from Arkansas

Each night over the trip, we would sit down (the kids, Mr. Luke, and I) and share about something we were thankful for from that day during our trip to Arkansas. Here are some of the things we were thankful for this week:


* Getting to be with the kids on their first flight!
* Hiking, climbing, exploring with my dad.
*Climbing down the mountain with Kyarre and playing on the playground
* Playing sardines at the Old Mill

Things we were thankful for from each of the kids…
* Olivia’s positive leadership and attitude
* Tahj’s obedience and respect
* Alx’s determination to go fishing, seeing him take initiative to ask to touch the snakes and other critters!
* Kyarre’s excitement, honesty, and fun nature
* Allysha’s encouragement and thankfulnessP1080348

* Playing Bingo with “Jigs” and “Joe”
* Seeing the flamingoes, naked mole rat, snow leopard, and more at the Memphis Zoo
* learning more about what people did/do to stand up for civil rights in Little Rock, Memphis, and all over the United States
* Getting to hang out with my brother Brent and sister-in-law April and how they so willingly opened up their home
* Touring the submarine thanks to Dwayne – SO COOL!!! Mark was an awesome tour guide!

P1080382* seeing the kids perform “The Light Rap” for my friends and family* getting to talk to Kyarre about accepting Jesus
* Seeing the kids play pretend with my dad and then attack him for trying to leave the “hotel”
* Teaching the kids about the art of marshmallow roasting
* riding on the beautiful Greer’s Ferry Lake with the Pickens
* Bringing all of the kids safely back to their moms – especially the ones who were so worried – thank You, Jesus, that we were all safe!!


Wow, thank You, God, for blessing me! Thank You.

~Kristin Walker
Camp Freedom Director


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