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3-on-3 presents Opportunities

This is a story of two boys, this year’s 3-on-3 tournament, and the joy of a coach

     Tyquan has been around our camps and staff more than most.  Because of those relationships, when one of these older friends speaks, he listens (even when it’s hard).  At Saturday’s tournament, he got into a heated argument with another boy on another team, Quantico.  After the staff separated them, and spoke with them individually, Tyquan went over to apologize.  Quantico was not ready to reciprocate, and yet Tyquan could hold his head high.

A couple of hours later they were face to face again, but this time in the championship game.  Then the incident happened.  Some may call it a jump ball, others a lose ball (I call it a hugging match with a ball in the middle).  Tyquan was right in the middle of it.  When the ref called it to restart the play, Quantico excitedly went over to Tyquan with a high five and a ‘good job.’  Coaches were screaming with joy!  Quantico had just received Tyquan’s apology, and extended his hand in peace.  An opponent, a rival, and now a friend.

20+ coaches showed up to lead teams.  They spoke truth into the lives of the young men and women on the courts.  They encourage them in knowing all you can control is how hard you work and how you handle yourself.  That’s why Tyquan apologized.  That’s why Quantico could forgive.  That’s why we play sports.

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