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Middle School Drama

Ah middle school… a time in our life where we often look back on and are thankful we don’t have to go through it again.  For our staff working at the two middle school camps, they relive it every day; the eye rolls, the attitude, and the drama.  While it is not all bad, it is definitely not easy.

After a particularly rough day, Salima (director of Camp Harmony) was in need of some encouragement.  She got home to find her roommate excited to show her a Facebook status posted by one of the campers.

“These days are getting better and better. I dont learn while I’m in school, but I learn when I’m in summer camp that’s weird but I still have fun and I met new people but its a christian camp and we have fun and learn about god at the same time but i got there because this camp is going to change me from cussing and doing bad things to not cussing and obeying the rules even if it sounds boring I still wanna be something or/somebody wen I grow up”

Look past the typos and errors and see how UrbanPromise is reaching the youth in Wilmington.  This girl sees the hope inside of her!

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