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All Camp Day!

With a new camp, more performances and basketball, and a lot of energy we wrapped up an amazing summer!  High lights include being able to hirer more StreetLeaders, opening doors to more kids, and a group coming from London, England to perform (but we’ll save that for later).

One highlight, at least for this writer, is watching the kids get up in front of the large group and perform the raps they have been practicing all summer.  50-70 kids stand in front of the other 300  and tell their part of the story.  Kristin Walker, director of Camp Freedom, has taken on the task year after year of writing raps that hold both scripture and Truth.  How many times a day do you catch yourself singing a song you heard in the car or at a store?  Our kids walk around singing songs all the time.  Most have words or topics that a kid should not have stuck in their head.  Their lives are affected, whether they know it or not, when the songs they walk around signing instead speak of God’s gifts and the stories in the book of Genesis.  They’re catchy, and the kids love them.

We are very thankful to Faith Pres for continuing to host our big celebration!  See you next year 😉

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