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The Joy of Freeze Pops

Last Friday we had our first field trip of the summer to the Herr’s Potato Chip Factory. For you Southerners, you probably haven’t heard of Herr’s but they’re a pretty big deal around here.

Let’s be honest, if you’re a kid, any kind of chip is a big deal.

The children were obsessed with the factory.

The staff sat around at our meeting, telling our various hilarious tales of the day’s journey.

“Mack acted like we had been starving him for weeks and threw himself against the glass begging for the pretzels below. On the car ride home he said, ‘I’m going to marry a chip and give birth to a dorito.'” – Kiera, one of my street leaders

Talia lost a tooth, one of our kids was tied to a table with the string we used to identify which child is on which team, I tripped and ran into a gate while trying to solve a dispute involving a hair-pulling….all in all, it was a beautiful day.

We didn’t have to time to go to the Plumpton Zoo after the tour. I broke the news to the 62 disappointed children:

“We’re not going to have time to go to the zoo today.”

*sighs of disappointment* & “Ahhhhhh…WHAT?!!…”

“But, we’re going to go back to the school, play on the playground, and eat Freezie Pops!!”


Praise God for donated freezie pops. Praise God!

It was a great day.

By :  Kristin Walker, Director, Camp Freedom

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