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Can a Work Group Week be like Orange Juice Concentrate?

UrbanPromise was blessed with the 27 people from East Main Presbyterian Church, Grove City, PA who spent the last week living and serving in Wilmington.  Some comments from their group:

“It’s been good to spend our mornings at camp and the afternoons working hard outside. As one of the college students on the trip, it’s refreshing to do both, working my body instead of my brain and spending time with 1st and 2nd graders (and high school students) instead of college students (as much as I love them). Both have been an encouragement to me and both have served as tools for God to prune me, particularly as He challenges why I’m pulling weeds digging a trench, twirling a jump rope or helping with crafts. This trip has reminded me again to ask myself what my motivations are and to not be afraid or too stubborn to ask God for help when my attitude is sour and selfish. I know I’m not the only one in the group learning good lessons so thank you for opening your doors to us as we love others and learn to love God more.” ~Katie

“On Wednesday, I saw God while working with the first through fifth graders at Camp Hope. At the beginning and the end of each class, the kids were excited to pray and they thanked God for all He had given them and for His love. Also, they loved learning about God’s word, and quickly learned that the Bible is eternal, true and their light and guide. They encouraged my faith with their love for God and excitement to learn about Him, and I’m extremely thankful to have this opportunity to be a part of their lives. Through this trip God has strengthened my faith and given me a lot of opportunities to show his love to others and be shown His love through them.” ~Sarah

Andy, the youth director compared being here to orange juice concentrate. The youth wanted to drink that really sweet part, and because its strong and concentrated, it tastes so much better. Being here is like getting splashed in the face with a full on concentrate of God and His kingdom in action. It feels so good to be here because its so strong, pure and not watered down.

Thanks to each member for being a part of the transformation of lives in Wilmington!

By :  Deborah Holcombe

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