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Summer Interns!!

Summer Camp starts today with 20 interns have committed to live and serve in Wilmington. These young people will teach, encourage and build relationships with children and teens, all while living in the communities in which they serve. It promises to be 7 weeks of challenges, growth, joy, and fun!

Here’s what some of the interns had to say as they made their final preparations for the first day of camp:

Why did you choose to serve at UP this summer?

“I knew God wanted me to do something for Him this summer. He put UP in my hands and so I took this opportunity.”
– Jasmine Gilkey, Wichita, KS (Tabor College)

“I was considering full-time urban ministry after college, and wanted to experience working along full-time ministers.”
– Andrew Dillon, Gaithersburg, MD (UMBC)

What are your expectations? What do you hope to experience at UP?

“I want to build relationships with the kids, StreetLeaders, other interns and staff. I want to grow in Christ and I expect to be challenged.”
Nate Robbins, Vero Beach, FL (College of William & Mary)

“I expect to serve, but I also expect to learn -from the kids, StreetLeaders, staff and other interns.”
– Ashley Holcomb, Reston, VA (College of William & Mary)

What are some challenges you expect to face?

“It will be an exhausting but rewarding summer. I expect to be challenged in learning how to discipline with good balance.”
Benton Harvey, Nashville, TN (University of TN Veterinary School)

“It’s going to be hard! I expect to have difficulties relating to inner-city youth, to have my patience tried every day, and to be exhausted at the end of every day.”
– Aaron Chenault, Hockessin, DE (Carnegie Mellon University)

What have you experienced so far? Or, what are your first impressions?

“It’s been a blessing to see how beautiful it is to live in community and how loving the kids and the youth are, especially me coming from a totally different world.”
– Chester Matope, Malawi (African Bible College)

“I love how God is at the forefront of all that UP does. So far, I have already seen relationships that only Christ can create.”
Aaron Orr, Wray, CO (Colorado Christian University)

“There are so many people here that I can learn so much from. Living in my (staff) house is going to be a really unique experience and I already love these people!”
Domi Corley, Ann Arbor, MI (Cornell University)

Keep checking back all summer for updates on camp and ways you can help!


by:  Larissa Bergen

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