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Snow Camp in New York!

     UrbanPromise took 9 students up to Word of Life Snow Camp for a weekend of winter adventures and in door fun.
     At UrbanPromise, there are examples and opportunities for staff and StreetLeaders to participate as a community in Christ almost everyday; whether it is at worship and Bible study on Wednesday, tutoring on Tuesdays, or camp Monday-Thursday. I wanted to students see that they are not alone in their faith, but there is a bigger community of believers.  God is real not just in the lives of the full time staff here at UrbanPromise, but also in the lives of kids their own age.
     Snow camp is a weekend where 240 teens came together for sports tournaments, actives in the snow, and learning more about God.  At the end of the weekend, 3 of our students wanted to make the decision to dedicate their life to living for God.  We are so thankful for opportunities like this throughout the year, which we’re taken outside of our bubble and able to see a bigger picture of what God is doing.
~Gabe Harvey
StreetLeader Assistant Director
Trekkers Leader

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