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Trekking through History

Trekkers took 12 students on a trip trekking through old Philadelphia. We learned about our nations history as we toured through Independence Hall, learned how to read maps and how to figure out our spot in the city, and finishing off the night with some famous cheese steaks and Christmas lights.

When we were on the tour through Independence Hall, the leader spoke on the slavery that had been apart of the history of our country. On the second floor of the Hall, we saw a really long table where many parties, dances and dinners with important historical figures took place. Some of the students started getting upset at the idea that slaves had probably been working, clearing the table and cleaning up messes from all of the events. We then talked about that even though the darkness of slavery had taken place in that very room, right out side in the lawn around 200 years later Martin Luther King Jr. gave a famous speech on declaring liberty and freedom. They saw how the times had changed and saw people like King fighting for rights and justice of people. There are so many places in our country where once was darkness, now is light.  We have hope in what light may be brought into other similarly dark areas.

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