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A New Year Has Begun, Your Faithfulness Remains

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR (and Valentine’s Day and almost St. Patrick’s Day)!

As I surveyed our staff and volunteers for this month’s newsletter, I was so encouraged by the faithfulness and perseverance of our volunteers.

Camp Amen is one of our middle school camps, located on the East Side. When I spoke with Naomi, the Camp Amen Director, this is what she had to say about the relationship between Rebecca, her volunteer, and Corianna, a 7th grader:

“Rebecca has faithfully worked with Corianna every single Monday afternoon since the beginning of the school year. Because of the relationship they have built over the months, Rebecca has developed a powerful ability to influence Corianna , and a deep understanding of Corianna’s academic challenges. Primarily because of Rebecca’s faithfulness, Corianna has made significant steps forward academically this year.  She has a long way still to go, but she has moved from struggling with single digit addition to making her way through multiplication problems. Praise God for Rebecca!”

When Rebecca helps Corianna learn the basics of math and urges her to learn more, she is seeking justice and a full life for Corianna. You all are an integral part to seeking justice and a full life for our kids in whatever context you serve with us. YOU are a part of the vision! Thank you for your faithfulness, perseverance, and vision to be apart of this community and seek a full life for yourselves and for our kids!

With Much Love and Gratitude,
Samantha Melville, Volunteer Director


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