Internship Program

Over 200 interns have come of 30+ states and 20+ countries.

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For more information  contact:  Salima Watson

IMG_8499 Goals of the Internship Program:
Bridging the chasm between ethnic and socioeconomic groups,
Educating young adults about urban culture and ministry, and
Encouraging young adults in their spiritual growth.

IMG_4035Each year an incredibly talented and diverse group of young people move to Wilmington, Delaware, to unite as a community in Christ and serve Wilmington’s children and families. It’s an opportunity to meet, fellowship and connect with others who are striving for the same goals to serve others. UrbanPromise Wilmington’s mission is to equip the youth of Wilmington with tools to be successful academically, to learn life management skills, to grow personally and to learn what it means to be a servantleader.

Interns help break down age-old stereotypes by building relationships with the children and families in the urban areas of Wilmington—pouring into them by showing them the love of Christ, becoming a mentor and just doing life with them.

Interns spend 2 to 24 months of their time living in community with other interns in urban areas of Wilmington—learning and growing together in faith and challenging, encouraging and supporting each other.


Interns Participate in:
Community living with other interns and staff
Leadership development
Training and urban education
Mentoring a camper or StreetLeader
Building relationships with families and others in the neighborhood