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An Intern’s Story: Kristy Roman

39647_421370444651_2199285_nI decided to intern at UrbanPromise Wilmington because I wanted to do something meaningful with my summer and something that involved working with kids.  I knew working there would be a challenge for me because I had never lived in an environment like Wilmington, and I knew it would be hard work.  However, I  knew  I would be able to reach out to people and share God’s love, while growing in my faith and in experience.

I returned for a second summer because of the great experience and great people I met throughout my time working there.  I knew that God was doing great things through that ministry and I wanted to continue to be part of it.40206_421370039651_4127015_n

I have lots of fond and funny memories of UrbanPromise.  One of them is dressing up like a cow with the other interns for Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-a!

One of the best moments of working at UrbanPromise happened more than once.  It was the feeling you get from being able to share the gospel with young children.  I loved the questions and curiosity they have about Christ, and I was thrilled and amazed by God over and over again about being part of the construction of their faith!

I always look back at my time there with fond memories, and I love hearing from and catching up with the people I worked with there.

Kristy Roman
Intern at Freedom ’10 & Harmony ‘11
Now Teacher at Harrisburg Christian School

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