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An Intern’s Story: April Roberts

5I decided to come to UrbanPromise because I fell in love with the work that they do in the city. I have a real passion for working with children and I knew that by interning there I would be able to do something that I absolutely love doing.  I also knew that I would be making a difference in the lives of not only the people living in Wilmington, but also my own attitudes and spiritual growth.

My funniest memory happened during the summer.  One of the street leaders and I preformed the trucker skit in front of all of the kids.  It was possibly the most disgusting thing I have ever done, but I’m glad I did because I was able to see the look of horror and disgust on those children’s faces!  It was priceless.  I ended up laughing so much; I could barely even get through my lines.


It’s hard to choose a lasting memory because there were so many. One that always crosses my mind a lot was going on Spring break with the children. I had a conversation with a girl from my camp and I told her that I was really enjoying the time I spent with her that week.  About two weeks after we got back, I came across a video that she had recorded of herself on my camera.  She mentioned that what I said to her really touched her, and she was really grateful to be able to come on the trip and spend the week with us. That always makes me think about how precious time is, and how just taking a little bit of time out of your day can really make an impact on somebody else’s.

I’m currently working as a nanny back home in England, and use my past UrbanPromise experience to reach out to the children I’m working with by teaching them about Christ in the same way I taught the children in Wilmington.

April Roberts
Promise Intern Fall ’11-Summer ‘12


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