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An Intern’s Story: Jeff Thompson

UrbanPromise has a really good reputation amongst the faith community. After volunteering there I saw the ways that God was working in the lives of the staff and very evidently in the lives of all of the youth involved.  I LOVED that the way that kids were disciplined was even rooted in affirming them in Christ and I really felt embraced and loved by the staff


My funniest memories include times with the staff.  Truthfully probably turning Deborah’s mouth blue.  Oh, and the camp skit where we impersonated the campers.

A lasting memory I have is when the UP Academy students had a chance to encourage one another during one of the bible studies and it turned into a time of confession, transparency, and encouragement that the students didn’t want to end and felt free to be totally open with one another.

66027_1483586335325_3137106_nMy time at UrbanPromise really showed me that I should be looking for God in whatever I’m doing.  It also showed me the importance of living intentionally.  It showed me the importance of humility and that I can gain so much from a relationship with anyone.

I’m now working at a gym, and starting up my own fitness ministry/business. Doing free fitness classes in my neighborhood

Jeff Thompson
Interned Camp Harmony ’08-‘10
UrbanPromise Academy ’10-‘12

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