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Sleepover with Life Lessons

“Miss Bethany, can I play a game?”
“You are playing a game.”
“Bowling isn’t a game… it’s real life!”

Real life on a sleepover… bowling, movie, games, pizza, & pancakes… those moments don’t feel huge, but they leave an impact.  While on the trip, kids learn real life lessons


Mr. Tim (intern at Camp Hope) took 5 extra minutes to teach their youngest camper how to tie his own shoe.

Devotions taught us, like Daniel, we can go to God with our fears.  As staff, we each got to pray with a camper about their fears.


Students got to practice encouraging their staff by cheering, “Go Miss Bethany… its OK!”  (she was losing)

Kids learned a more helpful way to brush teeth.

Faith Pres youth learned how to serve and interact with our kids.

What an amazing list!  What an amazing adventure!
Thanks Faith Pres for your open doors and open hearts.


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