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Hope in a Mess

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Tonight we had two home visits. It was really awesome, as always, to get to know each child’s family a little better.

Mr. B, a grandfather, was born and raised on the NE side of Wilmington, where he lives to this day. He has watched the area change over time. A man of few words, his dialogue really meant a lot to me.

“It’s still bad, with the violence and all, but about 10 years ago it was really the worst it ever was. This definitely was not the best place to live. But it really has gotten better. I’m so glad UrbanPromise is here. The kids really need a place to go, it’s better now, for the kids. I think if there were more UrbanPromises things would be better. If it closed down, I’d hate to see what it would be like around here.”

We all discussed the recent beating of a woman who died right across from UrbanPromise. She was killed in front of three of her children by her ex-boyfriend. I was actually in the school at the time, and still can’t believe I didn’t hear anything going on outside.

That same week, someone was shot and killed right down the street.

We walked sobered, yet encouraged to our next home visit. Ms. A’s prayer request was for people who have been incarcerated. She prays that they’ll be granted mercy and the ability to find a job once they’ve been released. It’s such a wise prayer. She said she’s glad God doesn’t treat us the way that we treat people who have messed up…ain’t that the truth.

God gives me chance after chance, but the world doesn’t seem to operate that way. Some of the people who get out of jail were just kids when they went in, and yet that record will follow them and ruin many job opportunities for a lifetime. The majority of them will end up back in jail.

It’s a mess.

Special camp moments today:

1. “Ms. Kristin, why do you keep taking me on trips?…Because I be good?”

“Because it’s fun, and yeah, you’ve been doing well.”

2. “Here, Ms. Kristin,” said Syncere handing me a dollar. “For the Arkansas trip.”

“Yeah, here, Ms. Kristin,” added Kendall handing me a dollar, “you can put this toward the Arkansas trip.”

We haven’t even begun dreaming up a trip this year, but it’s at the forefront of the kids’ minds.

Post by Kristin Walker, Camp Freedom Director

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