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Chef Paul returns with Chef’s Move to Schools

On Friday, 10/14, Chef Paul from Deerfield visited the students of Urban Promise School to once again teach Michlle Obama’s Chefs Move To Schools nutrition and awareness classes.

The Chef showed children the difference between homemade and store bought granola. He made delicious granola, fresh fruit, and vanilla yogurt parfaits. Chef Paul’s daughter Julie is always his helper in making and serving the food at our school. Julie is earning community service hours by assisting her Dad when he visits UPS. Chef Paul then guided students as they made homemade fresh pasta. It was exciting to watch students cracking eggs, stirring flour, adding water and herbs, then kneading the dough. The dough was pressed and cut in a pasta machine by students. They were proud of their pasta product. The final test was sampling their delicious homemade fettuccine topped with Chef Paul’s sauce and grated cheese.

Thank you to Chef Paul and Julie for their wonderful classes and cooking experiences for our happy, and healthy students. Bon Appetit!

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