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Hope for the Future through PSATs

The atmosphere is buzzing at the Urban Promise Academy. Buzzing with the feeling of hope & a future. Something that God promised us (Jeremiah 29:11)! A part of that plan that God has put in the heart of most of these Urban Promise Academy teens is the hope of post secondary education. The hope of being pioneers in their families, who go on to college or trade schools and create other open doors for themselves. This month, our eleventh grade students look to experience a small part of what getting ready for college looks like through the practice SAT (PSAT).

Because these students are not a part of a public high school that would pay for these tests normally, they are charged a fee of $15 per test. You may say, $15 that’s nothing, and it’s definately worth paying. However to some of our teen’s parent(s)/guardians this sort of thing is not a priority, and would easily get neglected without second thought. For others, $15 doesn’t come as easily because that money is accounted for in their budget or in other essential obligations. So if you are able, please consider investing in these students’ future through one of the options below.

$ 7.50- Pays half the price of PSAT for 1 student
$15.00- Allows 1 student to take the PSAT
$30.00- Allows 2 students to take the PSAT
$45.00- Allows 3 students to take the PSAT

Online donation system by ClickandPledge

Thank you for your generous support of the students at the Urban Promise Academy.

By:  Jeff Thompson, Urban Promise Academy Director


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