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Time for Ultimate Football

On a beautiful, crisp, Friday evening, the players walked onto the field to battle it out in Ultimate Football. The ref blew the whistle, and the ball soared through the air after weeks of anticipation of what this day might bring. Eighteen boys (and growing) have been able to spend their Friday afternoons focusing on team work and good sportsmanship. From practice to devotional time, from game time to the water break, the boys heard encouraging words and directions that exemplified the attitudes they are expected to show to both their teammates and opponents.

A proud father talked on the sidelines of his journey from the negative things in his life, and moving beyond that. He wanted nothing more for his son, growing up in the same neighborhood, but to include him in all the positive things he can. With eyes full of excitement, he shared about what this opportunity brings outside of the normal after school program. Their skills are being fostered by several of our young men on staff, including Luke Orr. Luke has taken the charge of Sports Ministry Director. We are excited to embrace Luke and this new part of the ministry, just as this father and son are.

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