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Diving into Middle School

Urban Promise School has launched its new Middle School. One of the features of this new program is the weekly ‘Power Wednesdays’, which means that all three teachers are on campus and the students usually go into the community for an educational trip. These experiences are to broaden the students’ perspective on their world. The trips will focus on curricular subjects, cultural experiences, community service, and visiting places of work for motivation and inspiration.

The first trip was an overnight science excursion to Bethany Beach. Students enjoyed walking to the bay for fishing, digging mussels, eating pickle weed, learning about aquatic life, and fresh ‘sushi’. Students also explored the ocean while swimming, riding boogie boards, creating treasure maps, and wading in tidal pools. Students were responsible for planning their meals, shopping for the food, cooking and clean-up. Morning and evening activities included leadership and bonding workshops. The trip was a dynamic kick-off for the new Middle School experience available at the Urban Promise School.

by:  Catherine Dolan, Head of School

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