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Inner Strength Needed

IMG_9505Camp Harmony’s middle schoolers took quite an adventure recently.  An overnight camping trip on Redden State Forest private land gave them an opportunity to breathe some fresh air, learn the ins and outs of camping, and experience God’s presence in nature. Along with this adventure in the woods, the group went to Cape Henlopen state park for a stop at the beach and WWII Observation towers.


IMG_9425We heard a lot of noises this weekend, from the beach to the forest, but one sound followed us everywhere: laughter. The main culprit, (Michyia), clearly enjoyed her first time camping. Her laughter was a prime example of why UrbanTrekkers takes youth into unfamiliar situations- to help them realize new pieces of themselves and the laughter that comes with satisfaction of conquering something new and scary.


IMG_9599Student reflection on the trip brought some interesting comments, especially one from (Lawrence), who stated that “hiking took physical strength, but also strength on the inside- to keep pushing and not give up”. These discussions are a beautiful cap to a trip, where we take thing we learned in classrooms and bible studies and apply them our life.

Five middle schoolers went home with a sense of accomplishment, peace, and deeper knowledge of the Creator’s world. Here are five students being trained up to love and cherish the outdoors, prepare for our high school UrbanTrekkers program, and gain a larger perspective of the world. It was amazing weekend, thanks to some happy campers and a loving God.

-Than Peterson
Camp Harmony & UrbanTrekkers Intern


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