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I’ll save you, Ms. Kristin

Timothy wasn’t initially chosen to be on the trip.

I couldn’t get a hold of another student’s parent and assumed her children weren’t able to come.

In a last ditch effort to bring five children, I invited Timothy.

Then everyone showed up so I picked Timothy up in a separate trip to get him to the “Canoemobile” event.

Timothy is a precious little first grader and he stuck like glue to me the whole time.

When it came time to put on our life-jackets, he said,

“If we all fall in, I’ll save you, Ms. Kristin.”

*Just precious*

Two of my girls were adamant about not getting in the canoe. Then they changed their mind and tried anyway. Before the rest of us had gotten on board, they were crying hysterically ready to get out. I didn’t know until later that one of them had actually lost a tooth during their brief stint on the water.

While canoeing I enjoyed the children’s commentary.

“My arms hurt.” – after about 2 minutes of paddling

“My hands are FROZEN!” – after about 3 minutes of paddling

“Are we doing anything after this??” – after about 4 minutes of paddling

“Guys, let’s try to focus on the positive and enjoy the moment.” – me after about 4 minutes of listening to their complaints

“Yeah, at least we’re doing something fun on a Saturday.”

“WAIT! We’re already going back to land?!?!”

Needless to say, we had a memorable day on the Brandywine River with some incredible wilderness guides who travel all over the US with BEAUTIFUL wooden “Canoemobiles” reaching out to neighborhoods and encouraging people to ENJOY THE GREAT OUTDOORS!

Most of our students had never canoed before. It was a thrill to get to experience that with them. Their parents were very appreciative and excited that their children had the opportunity! I’m so glad that the children got to do something that stretched them! And I’m SO glad that Timothy got to be there!

-Kirstin Walker
Camp Freedom Director


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