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Thank you for tuning in!

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Dear Friend,

Thank you! You were asked to come to our Banquet. While ‘no’ would be easy, you said “Yes!” And our kids were inspired.

We all delighted at the poise and prose of our youth. They are such good news. Without your presence who would they have shared it with? You blessed our kids, thank you!

We asked for you to care, to be courageous, and compassionate, and generous. And you stretched out your hand and lifted us up! You and 700 other guests raised more than $120,000, offered 30 new pledges, with 129 people saying ‘I care!’ to get involved. Those are records! God bless you! Thank you! You’ve got our kids by the hand.


Rob Prestowitz
UrbanPromise Visit Days are happening on Nov. 9, 10 and 18 at 3pm. Stop by to learn more about us and see our kids in action! 12191251_1062606560416542_8019396368409825003_o
Volunteer Info Sessions will take place on Nov. 9, 11, 16 and 18 at 6:30pm. 12186686_1062606570416541_2991675056198975254_o
To attend either a Visit Day or a Volunteer Info Session, please call our office at
302-425-5502 ext. 115 or email james@urbanpromise.org

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