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Casting Vision

DSCF9988As a site director there are 2 things I want for the kids in the city of Wilmington; first, to know God and second, to have a vision for their life. In that vision I see each child graduating high school and kids knowing that if they desire they can go to college.  Each year we take students on a college vision trip. The student’s work hard writings essay about their college dreams and then we give them an experience on campus; showing them that they can get there.

This year we will be heading to the University of Delaware to tour the campus, experience a mock classroom with a UD professor, and talk to college students and past UrbanPromise StreetLeaders about college life.  No one in my family had gone to college in  my family before me, and I can say that is true for most of them as well. The Bible says, “without vision the people will parish” and so we work to give each child a vision. This is my 3rd year attending the college trip and my 2nd year planning it.  I know that at least 20 times by the end of the trip a child will tell me that they are going to the University of Delaware, they have seen themselves there, they do have a vision and that is why we do it. If you want to help one or all of these kids see themselves in college, have a vision for their life, and want to do something to help we have a need to cover the cost. We have more kids than last year and less money to cover the expenses. So click on the link to find out  how you can help. Thank you!

Oh and my name is Salima

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