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Vision Casting for 48

IMG_494348 students took over University of Delaware’s campus this weekend.  The  goal… to give the kids a vision of what they could be doing not to long from now.  Experiences included brunch at the dinning hall, a chance to listen to a real college professor and students about what classes are like, running all over campus looking for clues to find the different people, and ice skating with lots of new college friends.

The trip is always a highlight for the students.  Even sitting in a class, the students knew they learned something!  Many left knowing that college can be part of their future.

Larry’s top 3:IMG_4853

  • ice skating and only falling once… or twice
  • playing games at the church
  • running around campus looking for the next clues

Special shout out to everyone who helped make this possible… InterVarsity, Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, Dr. Lana Harrison and her students,  Gamma Sigma Sigma, and the countless other people around campus!

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