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Blustery Trip

A yearly camping trip turned into a beach adventure for StreetLeaders.  The plans included so many great opportunities to explore nature around Avalon, but the got a bit… well… damp!  StreetLeaders still held their heads high as they ventured with staff into surf and sand.  A week later, and one StreetLeader is ready to go back.  Here are her top 3…

1. Falling- we played kickball and the grass was really wet!  20131012_083519
Aaron kept sliding into every base and almost knocked me over.  *picture not included is the one of their wet butts… they got really wet!*

2. Mafia- a card game where we all get loud and people argue over who is fake killing everyone else. * always a good bonding experience on staff and StreetLeader retreats*

3. everyone’s faces when we were on the beach  The wind was blowing really hard and then it started raining and we were all making crazy faces.

ALSO we went out on the jetty, and they were ahead of me, and then I saw a wave crash right in front of me and I realized where they were taking us.  Everyone got so wet!


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