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Over the River and Through the Woods to Coverdale Farm we go….

UPS enjoyed a fabulous trip to the farm for a Thanksgiving luncheon created by Michele Wales, the farm manager with the help of all the students. A long table was set for all to enjoy, in the room where yoga classes usually happen. Each student designed and decorated their place card with crayons, markers and stickers. Finally it was time for the cooking to begin.

Students learned how to safely use the kitchen tools as teachers and parents watched in amazement. Boys and girls successfully chopped carrots, shallots, parsley, and celery. They grated vegetables, mixed ingredients, stirred whole cranberries on the gas range, and cooperatively created the Thanksgiving feast. Michele had roasted a turkey and made a delicious pumpkin bread pudding the night before to complete the meal. Guests joined us from the community to see this educational nutrition program in action. Together we feasted and celebrated the things we are grateful for in our lives. UPS is thankful for Coverdale Farm and its powerful outreach. 

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