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ASP College Trip 2012



Whether it was fundraising happening the night before, seats in vehicles, or students showing up to swipe students into brunch at the dining hall… God provides just what we need!  This years trip brought our 40 kids from across the city for a weekend of college experiences.  Here is a short itinerary:



  • Campus tour/scavenger hunt with students from organizations like the BCM/InterVarsity/Warriors for Christ
  •  Lunch at Grottos
  • Craft time with Gamma Sigma Sigma
  • Question and Answer time with 2 InterVarsity students
  • Dinner with different students from all the organizations above
  • Games with the youth at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church
  • Devotion
  • Breakfast and church
  • Thank you cards for all our wonderful volunteers
  • Brunch at the dining hall thanks to the Gamma Sigma Sigma girls
  • Ice Skating!

Schaemere, 3rd, Camp Victory-> “my most favorite part was the games and ice skating. Thank you for letting me know about all the cool stuff around UD

Diammon, 4th, Camp Hope-> “Ice skating was awesome.  I learned about the students and what they study.  Exerciese science is where they learn about how the bones and muscles move, and the energy you use when you exercise.”

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