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Chef Paul Cooks Crepes for UPS

Chef Paul and his daughter Julie visited UPS in December with a delicious new recipe for healthy eating. Our students enjoyed hot apple crepes! They learned that there are about seven thousand varieties of apples. The Chef brought 7 different types of apples that he used to make the delicious apple filling for the crepes. Because apples are so sweet he simply added cinnamon and a little salt, but no sugar was necessary to make this tasty treat.

Students were the assistant chefs who helped Chef Paul add and mix ingredients. They also were called upon to cook the crepes, which involved a flip in the frying pan. With a little practice the students were soon flipping crepes quite successfully in no time.

As always Chef Paul also brought a generous snack for each and every student to take home. They received carrots, apples, string cheese and craisins. In addition to the crepes, Chef Paul brought freshly made soup. Every student tasted this healthy soup made from the butternut squash with crunchy homemade croutons floating on top. All of the UPS students are getting very skillful in identifying the various fruits and vegetables that Chef Paul brings each time. Many of them get to take home the item that they guess correctly. Thank you, Chef Paul and Julie for your dedication to the health and nutritional wholeness of our community.

Congratulations to Chef Paul for being promoted to the head of Michelle Obama’s Chefs to Schools program, and for running the recent Philadelphia marathon.

You’re our hero!

By:  Catherine Dolan, Head of School

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