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Martin Luther King Jr. WorkTeam

Monday, January 16th, UrbanPromise was blessed with an award winning deep cleaning crew!  One staff there, Charity, said it was a great day.

Who did you work with?  I got the chance to work with Betsy, Lynn and Ranie
What did you do?  Can you not see?!? We cleaned the entire building and it looks great.  The gutters, the walls, the floors, everything looks really good!
Anything you want to tell the group?  Keep coming back.  We don‘t have a cleaning crew and we really need you! 

The weather was great and the attitudes dealing with the cold was even better.  Thanks to Christ Church Christiana Hundred, Wilmington Friends School, and Sanford School for giving up your holiday day off to help us out.

for more information about getting your group involved in a WorkDay, contact Deborah Holcombe

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