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A visit from Wilmington Fire Department

Last Wednesday, members of the Wilmington Fire Department visited the Urban Promise School to teach children about fire safety.

They brought a firefighter’s gear and their fire truck to teach the students about the life and times of a fire fighter. One of the firemen ‘suited up’ for the children to see all of the component parts of the clothing and gear. Students learned how the protective gear keeps a fire fighter safe in a blaze.

After the presentation the students went outside to see the firetruck. Several firefighters were available to explain the equipment on the truck and the various functions the truck performs. It was important for our younger students to see and learn about how a firefighter looks when fighting a fire. Many times youngsters will hide from the firefighter who is trying to save their lives because they are afraid of their appearance. Hopefully this will prevent the fear from happening and help to save lives in the event of a fire.

A huge thank you from all our students and staff to the brave members of the Wilmington Fire Department for this fun and potentially life saving vist!

By:  Catherine Dolan, UPS Head of School

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