- Street Leaders, Summer Camp

Thats Trash?!?

IMG_4889Today, a crew of Team Leaders and Assistant Team Leaders (or high school leaders) walked into the room with some of their interns all they saw was trash.  Now THAT’S a way to kick of training.

“Its gross”… “I felt unwelcome”… “I didn’t want to be in there.”

They were not so excited about finding out they were now going to clean up the mess.  After being told Aaron, our StreetLeader Director and their boss, had put some of his own possessions in the trash and they needed find them, they knew there was value to the mission.

Leadership was exemplified through people getting brooms, mops and other cleaning supplies.  One person goes to get a broom, someone else thought about the mop.  There was a big pile of trash (not just recycles), but it takes one person saying, ‘I’ll take this on.’  That’s their role this summer by setting an example for the other StreetLeaders.

After, they shared details and talked about how this mess is sometimes like the kids they are about to work with.  People have told the kids they’re trash and they’re not worth the time.  But they have the ability to see something different.

We’re excited about this summer, the StreetLeaders, Interns, volunteers, and kids we’ll be working with this summer!

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