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Rob’s at it again!



Dear Friend,

We’re paddling again!

Kids still need jobs. For urban teens jobs are commonly cited as a key tool to reduce crime and break cycles of poverty. Through our StreetLeader® job training program UrbanPromise is the largest employer of teens in Wilmington year round. This year we will employ more than 40 (another record) teens at a cost of nearly $100,000. These kids want to work. Their role in our Summer Camps is vital, a real job with purpose and pay. I need your help with the pay!

Let me reintroduce you to Paddle for Promise, our two day, 53 mile adventure on the Delaware River canoeing from Trenton, NJ, past Camden, and arriving at Wilmington, Delaware on Wed, July 2nd. Paddle for Promise is an effort to raise awareness and ask you to give these teens a meaningful job, one of the surest ways to get them on a different path. Your response to our Paddle last year was fantastic. Because of you, many kids received the first paycheck they’ve ever earned. That’s a game changer! Will you help me do it again?

I’ve been working out all winter in preparation (not really) and adjusted my diet (swapped Pop Tarts for Tastykake pies, more fruit). Rigorous preparation aside, what makes the Paddle work is your support for our kids.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 for Wilmington StreetLeader wages this summer. Most people I meet wish they could help our youth have a future, but they don’t know how they can help. Here’s how – support Paddle for Promise, give our teens real, important jobs, and involve them in one of Wilmington’s premier mentoring programs. Change the game again.

Give these kids a job!

$1000 employs a StreetLeader for the whole summer

$101 pays a 14 yr old, first year StreetLeader for a week

$606 give a kid his first summer job

$200 one week salary for the top StreetLeader at each camp (Team Leaders)



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