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The Gift of a WorkTeam

39280_10152680923975571_2020297027_n Some spend their Spring Break resting at home.  Others find themselves on the beach some place warmer.  Most college students see it as a chance to go home, get laundry done, and eat Mom’s cooking.  For 61 college students, high schoolers, and adults, they saw their 2013 break as a chance to try something different, grow closer as a team, and serve God by serving UrbanPromise.

856372_601816173180008_132757134_oThese students made an impact in so many ways.  The garden beds around the office are cleaned up and ready for spring planting.  One staff house’s kitchen and bathroom got a new coat of paint.  Spring cleaning and organizing (including a floor waxing) are checked off the growing to do list.  Two speech contests, the basketball tournament, and the Silent Auction ran smoother because of these teams.

While we can check things off our to do lists and witness the events going on smoother, we will never be able to calculate the lasting impact they have on the lives of the kids and StreetLeaders in our After School Programs.  Each day they showed up to play, do home work, and be a friend to the kids.  Our kids built a relationship with people who they may never come in contact with and their horizons were expanded because they came.  These teams come and go, but they will never see the kids faces when they ask us a week, a month, or a year later if they’re coming back again.

Thank you, teams, for all you do in service to God by loving us and our kids.883077_152858621544728_72693836_o

2013’s teams included:
Johns Hopkins University
William & Mary
James Madison University
The Meeting House Church
Virginia Teach
Cornell University
Oral Roberts University
Grove City College

If you are interested in bringing a team for a week in the summer, spring break, or any other week, contact Deborah Holcombe (WorkTeam Director).


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