- After School Program

2013 Speech Contest


The African American, Latin American Speech Contest is a highlight of the year for many of us.  For weeks, kids and StreetLeaders in our After School Programs work to learn facts and write about someone from history that has done something special.  They learn about people who God has gifted with special talents and how they are like them.

With over 80 students participating over two nights, we recognize the strength and courage it takes to stand in front of peers and adults.  Each year I am amazed at those that speak confidently and surly.  This year a highlight was the number of parents and family that came out to support them.  It was evident that they had accomplished something.  Congratulations to the winners and all those who stood up in front of the microphone.

Special thanks to the WorkTeams and volunteers who helped them write their speeches, and to Wings of Faith Kingdom Ministries for sponsoring and helping out at the event.


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