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Future StreetLeader’s Apply

DSCF9016Roughly 100 high school students turned out last night from around the city looking for a shot at becoming one of our 36 StreetLeaders this summer.  Current staff and StreetLeaders watched the different activities that showed how the teens worked with each other, communicated to team mates, and handled themselves throughout the night .  Who wouldn’t want to participate in activities that included balancing on a board or ripping a frozen t-shirt apart to put on?

Other, less glamorous, rooms included the room where they had all they could ask questions and fill out their application and one where they were asked questions about how they view the city and if they were governor what would they do to change Wilmington.

With so many familiar faces trying out, the night reminded us that UrbanPromise has been here 15 years and most kids still want to be part of our family.  One long-term staff was often found saying “Look how you’ve grown,” and “I remember when you were little!”


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