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One volunteer’s story

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My family and I love UrbanPromise.  We are so thankful for this ministry, which is trying to reach children and families in Wilmington with the love of Jesus.  We are particularly drawn to UrbanPromise because it allows us to minister as a family.  We have four children, ranging in ages from 8-15.  Our kids are able to love, serve and build relationships with other kids.

We try to help out on a weekly basis through part of the school year.  So, when the summer comes, the thought of not going to UrbanPromise is just not an option.  We do not want to miss out on the blessing of getting to know new kids, while maintaining the relationships we had from the school year.  We have led an option for the past few years and have covered such topics as world art and the Olympics.  This summer we are planning on teaching the kids about healthy eating and exercise.  It is easy to pick a topic for an option; you just create something of interest to you.  The possibilities are endless.  I have heard about options on such topics as gardening, insects, praise dancing, and even creating a small newspaper.

One of my favorite memories is from last year when we were playing games for our Olympic theme.  One of the games was that kids had to un-freeze a t-shirt that had been frozen and then put it on a team member.  The kids really got into this event.  It was very hot that day and the t-shirt was refreshing.  They were twisting and turning that shirt, trying to get it to open up.  I’m thinking that somehow, I need to bring that game back this summer with our healthy eating and exercise theme.

Another memory I have is from a boy named Maurice.  We were making paper mosaics out of small squares of paper.  He made a cross and then gave it to me.  I was very thankful for this gift.   I told him that I would put it on my refrigerator and pray for him as I saw it.  When I asked him what I could pray for, his response was simply, “pray for my family.”

While there is prep work necessary to get ready for each week, it is well worth the time and effort.  As with all acts of service, it is really you who are blessed by serving, even more than those whom you are serving.  I guarantee that helping in any capacity at UrbanPromise will yield great blessing and joy.

-Jen Smith



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