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Play for the “G” not for the “Me”

The opposing quarterback drops back, dodges one guy, then another.
He locks eyes with his target then throws him the ball.
He catches the ball and is off to the races toward the end zone.
30…… (Nobody is going to catch this guy)
20…… (The ball carrier throws up a piece sign indicating that no one is going to catch him)
10…… (If he scores this game is over)

*whistle blows*

One of our guys pulls his flag at the 5 yard line.
What happened next most wouldn’t agree and question there coaches decision.
He pulls all of his starters off the field and puts in his 2nd string.
*speechless* *confused* *is this real*

These were all of my thoughts in that very moment, but instead of giving my defensive captain the play call I instead looked closer on the conversation between the coach and his starters he just pulled. He didn’t pull them because someone was hurt or to give his other guys a chance to score; he pulled them because showboating and taunting wasn’t the reason why this tournament was assembled. That situation made me revaluate my motives and reasoning for being there, as well as UPWSports Programs Theme Verse & Mission Statement:

“For physical exercise is of some value, but Godliness has value in this life and life everlasting.”
1 Timothy 4:8

“We focus on relationships that build Christ like character through sports.”

The opposing coach has no idea that this is our verse or mission statement, or should I say had!

Thankfully I had the opportunity to speak to there coach about that play and how I had seen God in him and that decision, which arguably cost his team the game. It was a huge eye opener because up to that point I had never seen this verse lived out by another christian organization.

One of the directors at our after school programs would always say “Play for the G not for the Me”, “G” meaning God. How often in life to we forget who gave us our talents and gifts, but this was a great reminder and humbling moment for me to sit back and look at the sky above smiling while thinking…….. I wish teams playing my Giants would do this!

-Ryan Martin
Assistant Sports Ministry Director

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