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Courage on a Horse

     It takes courage to venture out into the unknown and to do something you’ve never done before. Last Friday, about seventeen students and myself, all from UrbanPromise Academy, went to Hope Springs Farm to go horseback riding. For many of us, it was our first time and I consider these students the heroes of tomorrow. Although it was cold and muddy outside, our heroes equipped with the power of perseverance braved the elements in order to do something they were not even sure they would enjoy. If these students continue to exhibit courage like this, they are sure to change history.

Academy students were not the only heroes of the day, the staff at Hope Springs Farm saved the day with there own reserve of dedication and perseverance. That very morning the farms staff had lost a horse named Charlie. To someone who has not grown up on a farm this event may be sad and yet hold no significance. To the people on the farm, Charlie the horse would have been like family, similar to our beloved pets for those of us who own or have owned one. Despite their bad morning, Hope Springs Farm was still happy to have the Academy. The farm’s staff was full of kindness, patience, encouragement and inspiration and I speak for the Academy when I say that it was a very wonderful trip.

-Bryce Dixon


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