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A letter from our Executive Director

March 14, 2020

Dear Friend,

The Coronavirus pandemic is a singular global event we are all navigating together at the most local level. There is a virtual tsunami of communication on the subject, so I don’t wish to needlessly add to your inbox, but we at UrbanPromise Wilmington feel it is important to you, our constituents – children, families, volunteers, donors and staff – to be in clear communication with one another. We are a community in Christ, we will love one another, and we will carry one another’s burdens.

We have chosen to follow the decisions of our civic leadership wherever possible, while encouraging all involved to embrace their power and responsibility as individuals to contribute to our community’s well-being and safety.  Even as I am writing this letter our Governor has announced that schools will close for two weeks statewide and we will follow suit. We have suspended all volunteer activities, canceled and suspended numerous elements of our programming such as our Speech Contest and Spring Break trips, and suspended our annual staff retreat.

It is quite difficult to make these decisions because we value our relationships and the way these programs and events are woven into them. But ironically Friends, I have rarely felt more inspired or humbled by the families, supporters, and staff with whom I serve. The love and power of God is not an esoteric principal or philosophy. It is something we see and hear and touch, and I have witnessed that in these tumultuous days.

Staff, who already work as hard as anybody in our city, have stepped up even another notch and developed plans, contingencies, and new protocols. Families have been nothing but supportive, even bringing in supplies, sanitizers, wipes – acts of generosity and solidarity – while voicing their partnership in confronting the challenge. Even our students have played an important part in expressing their concerns, needs, and suggestions.  It’s been a transcendent reminder that we are all human together, that we all depend on each other, and that the community in Christ will see us through. God is in control, and we will serve Him with all we have.

Events are very fluid. What we say today could change tomorrow, but we will strive to keep you constantly abreast of this situation and informed of how you can pray and help (and feel free to ask us for the same!). Please use our website https://www.urbanpromise.org/ for the most up to date information regarding plans and impacts from Coronavirus (also called COVID19). The State Department of Health https://dhss.delaware.gov/dhss/  is an important resource as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html. We recommend these as sources of reliable information.

Thank you for your partnership, God bless you, and stay safe and healthy.


Robert Prestowitz
Executive Director and President
UrbanPromise Wilmington

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