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Interns Needed

Each year several teams of staff spread out to several regions around the country and across the ocean to share the UrbanPromise story.  We recruit interns to join the community in Wilmington and provide the needed staff for summer camps and after school programs. Check out the stories of 3 of our interns who have come to Wilmington to serve, after hearing about UrbanPromise from staff who have visited them at the schools and cities…


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“A college friend came back to recruit in February for the summer internship program.  After talking with her I felt God calling me to go.  While there for the summer, I felt Him calling me again to stay for a year.

Katie Bynum
 Camp Freedom

Originally from Texas

“I heard about UrbanPromise from a friend at school.  The connected me with the executive director and after a chance to meet for a tour, I was impressed with the breadth of the programs at UrbanPromise.  It’s a genuine way to meet the needs of children and teach them the gospel.

Than Peterson
Camp Harmony
Originally from Maine

“I first heard about UrbanPromise Wilmington’s summer internship program while I was in college and volunteering over spring break with a Christian organization I was part of.  During that week, I saw firsthand both the desperate physical and spiritual need in Wilmington and the powerful way God uses UPW to transform lives.  I wanted to be part of what God was doing here.  The internship was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but it is also one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life.  I’m so thankful that God led me to UrbanPromise Wilmington 

Naomi Rider
Interned at Camp Amen
Originally from New York

For more information check out the internship page:  Internship Program

Intern Director: Salima Watson (salima@urbanpromise.org)


1 thought on “Interns Needed

  1. Praise the Lord God for the great things He is using his people to accomplish. Thank you all for sharing your stories of internship with the work. Am encouraged because I also serve with the young people here in Kenya it can be hard a times but God is our strength.

    Paul Obong’o

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